Monday, 1 September 2008

Five best to-do-list managers

As a recent convert to paper based "to-do" lists I was interested to read this article/poll by Lifehacker on what the best way to do "to-do" lists. For now, paper and pen seems to be winning the race..As always Lifehacker gives some tips on where to find "good stuff" and points us towards web-based to-do manager Toodledo and the voice-to-text webapp Jott.

What do you think is the best way to keep on top of those dreaded task lists?


Chris Morgan said...

I use a combination of things:

- a journal to plan tasks that need some thought
- Outlook to remind me about things that have a deadline (which I sync with my mobile phone)

I use my journal to review stuff periodically (one or twice a week). What worked well, what did I learn, what would I change next time. I find this really helps me put things in perspective but also helps me develop.


Rosie said...

Personally I use iGoogle where you can add widgets and I mostly have 'todo' widgets added.

Remember The Milk is also quite popular.

Anonymous said...

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