Sunday, 27 June 2010

Innovation Summit Manchester - Disruption Time

The next event on my June travels was the Manchester Airport Group (MAG) Innovation Summit. I had been asked to act as host and MC for the day. When I told that the event would take place in the shadow of Concorde (literally) and that Sir Richard Needham would be providing the keynote I was sold.

The event was attended by 300 people drawn from the North West's innovation community was kicked off by MAG's Strategy Director Andrew Cliffe who stressed the critical role innovation has had in enabling MAG to become one of the UK's leading airport companies. In his keynote Sir Richard focused on his experience with Dyson and what he referred to as "diamonds":
...who are the people in your business who are innovative and where are the project managers needed to turn their ideas into cash?
Sir Richard also made his views on current events in the USA and BP quite clear:
...how would we in the UK react if some broad Texan turned up in Cornwall telling us how he was going to solve all our problems?...
The solution? - "get the diplomats in, after all - all the political classes are good at is talking!". Works one way Sir Richard, but Obama isn't proving to be so good with words is he??

The event also included a panel discussions where Sir Richard was joined by Juergen Maier, Managing Director Siemens UK Industry Sector and Dr. Moneeb Awan, President of the Greater Manchester Chamber. This was really excellent as there were strongly contrasting behaviours and views expressed by the panel. The resulting "disruption" was refreshing.

Well done to MAG and their partners - great event and it was a pleasure to be there.

More information: Manchster Knowledge Capital


GCohen said...

It is always easy to be the critic is shows great critical thinking skills and absolutely no engagement. Let's spend more time giving air to those who are engaged in the issues and who are trying to use critical thought to solve the problems.

nisha said...

Thanks for sharing this powerful information.That's very helpful and interesting.