Thursday, 21 October 2010

Employee Engagement - Psychological Meaningfulness

The final psychological condition (from Khan's SAM model) that is critical to creating personal engagement in the workplace is Psychological Meaningfulness. Creating a sense of meaning for employees concerns a wide range of issues focused on role and task characteristics as well as workplace interactions.
Bains defines meaning as
...genuinely listening to what people want and responding to it authentically, and one of the most important tools for driving business results in this century...
People experience meaningfulness when they feel worthwhile, useful, and valuable; as though they made a difference and were not taken for granted. They feel able to give to others and to the work itself in their roles. Lack of meaningfulness is connected to people's feeling that little was asked or expected of their selves and that there was little room for them to give or receive in work role performances.

The critical thing for employers to understand here is that for people to be fully engaged they have to be able to see a return on for their personal investment at work


HR Software said...

I think understanding employee's psychology is the main responsibility of HR executive. Workers should not feel like they are being treated as slaves in their organization and they are working just for the sake of completing the targets.

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