Friday, 21 January 2011

Be Happy - Go Freelance

A recent survey amongst UK freelancers has uncovered a beacon of hope and positivity amid the gloom of current economic forecasts and rising unemployment figures. It would seem that 77.5% of freelance and contract workers surveyed over the Christmas break, believe their business will improve over the coming year.
The survey asked 24,000 'sellers' of services to give their verdict on the forthcoming year. They received a resounding positive response. Many freelancers that took part in the survey cited a general improvement in outlook amongst their clients. Additionally, they point to a growing trend to restructure businesses with flexible workforces; to meet the demands of the expected growth.

Perhaps understandably, optimism was muted amongst freelancers who work exclusively within the Public sector. Even contractors that serve the private sector do not credit an improvement in the general economic climate for their buoyant outlook. Most freelancers point to a growing trend amongst employers toward the use of a temporary workforce as the key factor over an improvement in the general economic climate.

The findings of the research also encompassed a 'happiness index' claiming that staggering 86.3% stated they were happier as freelancers since switching from permanent positions. The happiness was measured on a scale from ‘moderate to ecstatic’. Nearly 20% of freelancers described themselves as 'Blissfully happy'.

Whatever the next few months bring it is certain that an increasing proportion of the workforce will seek new work and alternative employment through online communities and websites. If this improves the levels of positivity in the UK workplace (even if only until the redundancy money runs out) then it can only be seen as a positive thing.


Anonymous said...

This artical strikes a real chord with me right now. I have some life changes to consider in the coming month. Freelance has been a part of that thought process. The most important point I'm trying to address is the 'am I happy?' question and this artical hits the spot in that regard.

Jonathan Trott said...

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