Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Why You Will Fail To Have a Great Career

Simple, funny and to the piont - passion in life, work and personal is critical to success - what are you passionate about?


Greg Stewart, Clarity Rules said...

Ahhh. Larry.
One of my old professors and he was an advisor when we founded our tech business in Waterloo many moons ago. I still consider him a friend.

If ever there was a man with consistent focus on passion - this was he.

Great to see him at TED.

Selena Mcbride said...

To have a great career you should really have passion for what you're doing, healthy lifestyle and hard-work.

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Felicia Corrine said...

Very good post. The video was interesting. One can enjoy doing a job only if they choose a career of their choice. To have a good career, one should decide upon what one wants to be in life right from school. This will help you to choose the right degree which will help you to materialize your ambition.