Monday, 11 June 2012

The Memory Palace - Elementary Trick of the Mind That Actually Works

The technique known as the memory palace (or as Mindstore's "house on the bank") was depicted in the BBC series 'Sherlock' in "The Hounds of Baskerville", where Holmes uses his "mind palace" to seek important facts and associations in his memory relevant to the case.  Just what this "palace" is and how it can be applied is detailed in this TED talk by Joshua Foer.


Maria said...

Great minds and all that Scott ...!
I've seen this before and took the opportunity to watch again when I saw it on your blog.
Such a good piece and the part about how we tend to 'outsource' our memory to all kinds of modern devices is an interesting observation.
I enjoyed it equally as much second time round. Thanks!

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Gary said...

He is a great speaker. I had a great time watching and listening to him. Funny yet very appealing in a way he manages to take people to understand. HE exemplified the points and greatly reaches out to the audience and me as viewer as well.

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