Sunday, 19 August 2012

Sculpture Consulting's Solution Portfolio (Prezi version)

I've had a go at a presentation about my Company and what we do using the presentation technology called Prezi.  Like often happens when designing such things I found the process really helpful in getting my "story" right. 

Hope you find it interesting and your feedback would be appreciated.


Sandrine Bardot - CompensationInsider said...

Your content is very interesting, the graphs are great, and the structure of your presentation is easy to follow.

So overall I like the presentation but have to say that I find the "camera movements" (for lack of knowing the word) a bit dizzying to watch.

Scott McArthur said...

Thanks for feedback Sandrine - much appreciated. I agree with the "dizzying" thing - will see what I can do to reduce that. Thanks again!

Hero Ferguson said...

It did not cover any risk management? I think those are essential for presentations wherein risks are calculated and the rewards reaped periodically should be consistent.

stone said...

Good post. Thanks for your sharing.