Monday, 2 December 2013

What can HR learn from Sales and Marketing ?

In this 15 minute interview Neil Rackham (of SPIN selling fame) discusses the changing landscape for those of us involved in selling.  It struck me as I was watching this that those of us involved in HR could learn a lot from his straightforward approach to selling products and services.


The video encouraged me to think through some steps for an HRD to ponder before their next meeting with the CEO:

1. Write down at least three potential problems which your business may have and which HR might solve.
2. Write down some actual Problem Questions that you could ask to uncover each of the potential problems you’ve identified.
3. Ask yourself what difficulties might arise for each problem. Write down some actual Implication Questions that might get the prospect to see the problem as large and urgent to solve.
4. Write down three Need Questions for each implication.

If you want to know more detail about SPIN have a look here

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