Tuesday, 11 March 2014

You Think HR Is "Soft" Stuff - Imagine If Numbers Could Think

I'm often asked what it's like working in the "soft" side of business.  If you have ever asked me this you know how robust my response can be....this prezi screenshot from one of my keynotes is a good starter for 10 if you ever find yourself in a similar situation.


Koscec said...

A career in HR can be a satisfying way to help others achieve their goals and watch them grow as you move along up the ladder with them.

Scott McArthur said...

Yes it can but we both know how challenging that is - the point of the post is to challenge the horrid statement that HR is "Soft"

Mary said...

Employee satisfaction is important to maintaining a positive work. Thanks for this Great post.

Anonymous said...

Numbers do think. Or rather, they are the result of hundreds, thousands, or millions of people who do think, which need to be considered when working with them.
- a philosophical accountant.